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Jan. 3
M1 Interview together with director Blattl from ApArthotel, Munich and Igo Kirchlechner, president of ShopArt e.V.
    M1 "Personalities" - Interview and report about Chris Bleicher's new silver jewelry and artwork in the artist's studio
One year of intensively preparation for the exhibition "Chris Bleicher - Brother Van Gogh": Therefore no other activities and publications

March 23       
tv münchen
"Grosse Freizeit" - Live interview about the exhibition "The Pike In The Monkey's House"
Aug. 30   RTL "Griebels Small World" - about "Chris Bleicher - Brother Van Gogh"
Oct. 5   RTL "Moneytrend" - about the theme to leave with Chris Bleicher's Brother-Van-Gogh-Performance
Oct. 23   BR III "Jetzt aber Simon" - with auction of Chris Bleicher's sunflower seeds
Nov. 26   RTL Details of Chris Bleicher's Brother-Van-Gogh-Performance

Jan. 9

TV Augsburg

"Augsburg aktuell" - about Chris Bleicher's exhibition in the Town Hall, Koenigsbrunn
March11   SAT 1 "Live für Bayern" - Report about Chris Bleicher's Urn Art
March12   SAT 1 "Frühstücksfernsehen" - Report about Urn Art
March   tv münchen "Stadtgefluester" - about Urn Art
April 8   tv münchen "Grosse Freizeit" - about Urn Art
June 14   tv münchen "Grosse Freizeit" - about "Hot Cars & Colors"
Nov. 16   RTL "Punkt 12" - in Chris Bleicher's studio about Urn Art
Nov. 21   ARD "Ratgeber" - InheritK/Leaving - about Chris Bleicher's Brother-Van-Gogh-Performance from summer 1998
Nov. 29   ZDF "Mittagsmagazin" - about Urn Art
Dec. 16   M1 "Wochenchronik" - about Urn Art

June 14

tv münchen

"Ali Khan-Show" - Life Talk Show about Chris Bleicher's artwork
June 15   tv Augsburg About Chris Bleicher's livecam project
Nov. 22   tv Augsburg "Stadtgespräch"- about Chris Bleicher's livecam project

May 16

tv münchen

"Talk of the Town" - about BLUE Ladies and RED Drinks Party in Chris Bleicher's studio
Oct. 28   SAT 1 "Planetopia" - about Urn Art
Nov. 12   All TV stations in           Germany "Eigenartig" - Interview in Chris Bleicher's studio

Sept. 19


"Deutsch-Österreichische Befindlichkeiten" - about Urn Art
Sept. 20   ORF 2 (= Austrian TV) "Deutsch-Österreichische Befindlichkeiten" - about Urn Art

April 4

Bayern III

"Unser Land" - about Urn Art
Aug. 18   SAT 1 "Planetopia" - "Tierliebe, total" - about Urn Art
Sept. 21   TV Freising "Freising im Bild" - Interview: About Chris Bleicher's Urn Art with competition

Sept. 24


"brisant" - about Urn Art
Oct. 27   Plus TV "News" - about the project "RAY OF HOPE"

Jan. 2


all big screens in the Munich subway stations:
about Chris Bleicher's artwork

March 17

münchen tv

"Munich today" - about exhibition "Heart for Heart" with fund-raising

May 24

TCA (Bozen, Italy)

Interview with Chris Bleicher
Oct. 1

VOX "mieten, kaufen, wohnen
("rent, buy, reside")
Anke Dietz Between Urns & Coffins
July 14
Monsanto Protest Demonstration on July 13, 2013 in Munich: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OrWp2ZPnYo