Special Promotion

Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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We make it possible for you to enjoy for low monthly leasing rates Chris Bleicher's art not only in museums and art galleries, but in your own home or office. You may purchase the leased artwork at any time. All leasing charges paid (excluding installation charges) during the first year will be credited toward the buyout price.

If you want to change artwork, you give it back. As your interests evolve, you can switch to other works. If you would like to lease a certain work of art, let us know and we will send you an offer.

Leasing is also available for special events (for example anniversary or pesentation of products of your company, fairs, birthday, wedding and much more) - please ask Chris Bleicher by E-mail as well for involving your guests interactive or happenings & performances according to your ideas and wishes.