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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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Starting in 1992 I brought into my artwork technological elements and became inspired to produce a series called "Sky, Clouds and Metallic Bodies", for which I utilize original airplane pieces. Very important for me is, that these pieces are not items from air crashes but are obtained through trade.

With this, my art took a new dimension. The material has "aura", includes the idea of recycling, is a document of the present times and will not add to the "mountains of trash". I work a lot with symbolism and I would like to stimulate people's thoughts. I don't want to make technology the monster - as without technology we cannot live any more today, but neither can we live without the beauty of Nature.

Chris Bleicher

  Heavy Metal in the Sky, Diptychon with original airplane pieces,
  with white and orange neon installation, metallic sun, 2 x 3 meters total: