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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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The Series "Munich Souvenirs" is made among others for souvenir shops;
other motifs (for other cities or with logo of your company) are on request.
It’s a very original gift idea for Birthdays, Weddings, Give-Aways for companies...


Send us your own digital pictures or photos and we will print them onto canvas. You can choose
from high quality print materials (canvas, photographic paper, poster, fine linen textile & more).

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Each motif has its own text on the back:

Frauenkirche München (Dome of Munich)

The Gothic Dome is the symbol of Munich and was built in the year 1494.
The south tower has a height of 99 ms. The top of it offers a unique view
of Munich city and the surrounding Alps mountains.


The Ladybird - the symbol of Good Omen

Ladybird is Red in color and it is the symbol of love and good omen.
It is comparable to the seventh virtue of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Love.



Edelweiss flower grows on rocks in the Alps and could
be found on higher heights between 1,800 - 3,000 ms above sea level.
It is a difficult flower to find and therefore when it is picked it is preserved
as a specialty and given away to an affctionate person in one's life.


Pretzel and veal sausage dressed with sweet
mustard is a Bavarian delicacy. It depicts a child
with winding arms or a monk in meditative posture.