Neon Show

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Galerie Inter Art, Munich - "The Crocodile in the Cocktail Glass" with Performance


Hypobank, Munich  - "Action with African live music
Bundeswehruniversität (= University of the Army), Neubiberg - Action "Children in the War" to benefit UNICEF
Penta Hotel, Freising - "The Chicken in the Cockpit" with Chicken Hypnosis Performance


Mercedes-Benz, Munich - Neon Art Exhibit


Gasteig Kulturzentrum (= Cultural Center in Munich) - Pre-event in co-operation with the Disposal Department Munich - "The Night of Venus in the Jaguar" with Performance & Happening and tombola to benefit UNICEF



Muenchner Tierpark Hellabrunn (= zoo of Munich) - "The Pike in the Monkey's House" with exhibit of commissioned works

Forum der Technik, Deutsches Museum (=Forum of Technology in the German Museum, Munich) -
"Chris Bleicher - Brother Van Gogh" with Coffin Performance and Sunflower Happening with 14.000 fresh sunflowers on the occasion of "Van Goghs Night" in the 108th anniversary of Van Gogh's death



Westpark, Munich - Start of the project "Ray of Hope"
Performance with Sun Dance and the "Isarnixen" (= Munich water ballet), 100 m long chain of lights with
2000 lights on top of the water of the Lake Westpark: From one shore to the other as a symbolic bridge
between the centuries with happening



Municipal hall, Kulmbach - Works produced to order: Interpretation through neon art of the ancient Seven Miracles
of the World on the occasion of the Conference of Technology "Miracles of the World of Tomorrow..."

Start of the LiveCam Project peepart, see



Own Showroom, in the heart of Munich, Open End Exhibition "Enlightening Energy"



New Arts Salon & Studios, Philadelphia - "The Devil Rests in Paradise" with Performance



Group Shows