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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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For her objects Chris Bleicher uses various materials such as wood, plexiglass, metal and others as well as recycling materials like original airplane pieces to draw attention to the subject of waste avoidance and recycling in a positive way. So she created the series "Sky, Clouds & Metallic Bodies",  "Jaguar Family" and "Tiny Sheeps":

Series: Jaguar Family

"The Giant Smile" (with a height of 3,40 meters) is built in a special technique, among others made from recycling material, wood scraps and treated with acrylic enamel. The door in the belly provides an insight into the materials used. Therefore the "Jaguar Family" was founded with many other "Little Jaguars" (each piece a unique specimen). The "Giant Jaguar" was the highlight of a project of Chris Bleicher together with the Department for Waste Control of the city of Munich to the theme "Wasteprevention & Recycling".

Series: Tiny Sheeps

Created from recycling material treated with acrylic enamel. Production time about one year, depending on the size of the object.


Little Sprinter

Handcarved, wooden sculpture treated with acrylic enamel.
7" x 20" x 11"