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Light Object "Aunt Ju"
airplane Aunt Ju, light object
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Manhattan Arts - "Chris Bleicher Innovates New Images With Recycables & Neon"
 March   Art Speak - "Chris Bleicher's Exotic Visions At Abney Gallery"
 July   M√ľnchner Wochenblatt - "Computer In The Case Of Art - Chris Bleicher Got A New Studio"
 Sept. 8   tz "Giant Butterfly"
 Sept. 16   AZ, back page - about "Butterfly Table"
 Sept.   Allgaeuer Tageszeitung
 Oct.   Kunst aktuell - "Neon Phantasies"
 Oct.   Kultur News- about "Butterfly Table"
 Nov.   New Arts Journal - "The Devil Rests In Paradise"
 Nov.   First Class - "Chris Bleicher - Avantgarde For The Foyer"
 Dec.   Penthouse -"Future - A Table For All Occasions"
 Dec.   in m√ľnchen - "Studio Bleicher -Tropical Christmas"